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Evolution of Communication
Do Not Try This At Home
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Is your car ready for the winter

When the temperature drops and your car won't start it's more often than not an issue with your car battery.
Cold, damp weather can play havoc on batteries as vehicle electrical systems have to work a lot harder at this time of year and starter motors require all the current they can get to start the engine on these cold mornings. With more and more vehicle equipment demanding electricity this is more of a problem than ever.
Remember to: Switch off lights, wipers, heaters etc before switching off your engine at the end of your journey.

Evolution of Communication

Imagine if you can that you live in the southern state of Georgia shortly after the revolutionary war. Your parents live in Virginia and you want to send a letter to your father. Well there is a new United States postal system so you write your letter and your father gets it in three to four weeks. The early US Postal Service was concentrated in the major cities so if you lived in the rural areas service tended to be on a weekly schedule. A postal rider would ride a route once a week picking up and delivering mail.

Do Not Try This At Home

I like to learn new things. I read about many subjects, but also like to watch informational television shows. One of my favorites is Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. The two main hosts Jamie and Adam have over 30 years in special effects related fields. Their opening line is “We are what they call experts; do not try this at home.” The premise of the show is testing to see if certain “urban myths” are true. The also test scenes in the movies to see if they are realistic. Viewers are encouraged to send them ideas or stories to be tested.

We Apologize

We were unable to provide a blog-post yesterday Thursday 24 may, 2012 due to technical difficulties. We strive to provide entertaining and interesting blog-posts for our friends and customers. We welcome all comments and suggestions. 

Mother Nature Can Be Tough

On the news yesterday they had reports on the one year anniversary of the tragic tornado that hit Joplin, Mo. The tornado was a strong F5 and killed over a hundred people and injured hundreds more. The town was almost totally destroyed. They interviewed some of the survivors that are working to rebuild. They all talked about how terrible it was, but how they have been helped by volunteers from all over the country. Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, are just two of the organizations that are there working to help the people from Joplin rebuild their lives.

Oh the Joys of Spring

The weather has been warming up and flowers are blooming. I love spring and the shaking off of the winter blahs. It has not gotten to the blistering temperatures that just seem to drain your energy until life outside of air conditioning is impossible. It is warm during the day and cool at night. It is the time to sit and grill out after work. It is time to spend the evenings just sitting and relaxing with friends and family.

It is also the time when the Honeydoo list gets brushed off and updated by your wife.

Tools or Toys

I have been watching the TV show "Flipped Off". The show is about survivor's most villianous contestant Russell Hantz and his brother Shawn flipping houses in Houston, TX. His personality aside the show is interesting to me in several ways.

First it shows how they go into a house that is neglected and totally trashed and basically remake it into a nice home. They do all this and make a nice profit too. I have always been interested in different methods of investing and read a lot about it on my down time while being a over the road truck driver.

Does The Nut Fall Far From The Tree

There is a saying that history forgotten is doomed to be repeated.  I have been watching the TV show "Who do you think you are?" It follows a celebrity as they trace their lineage back through history. Some of the stories are very interesting. What I find most fascinating is that one of my family members traced our ancestors back up one branch to the Civil War. The person doing the tracing was always a little prejudiced and he and I had some pretty heated arguments. I have always felt that it was important to judge on merit and not skin color.

Man's Best Friend

I love dogs. Growing up we always had dogs. In fact the only time I did not have a dog was a few years after I first joined the U.S. Army. One year after my wife and I got married I got her a full-blooded Chow named Muffy (slang for Muffin) that was European Kennel Club registered. She was with us for almost 12 years when she got sick and passed. She was a great dog and loved my wife and kids. 

With 3 kids we always had between 2-3 dogs generally 1 per kid. Although my wife was generally the one who took care of them; no matter how much the kids promised they would do it.

Cheesy Beef Potato Casserole

This was a recipe my Mom used to make. It is easy tastes great.

1 pack shredded cheddar cheese of choice
1 can  cut corn (not creamed)
1 small onion
1 pound of ground beef
1 large mixing bowl of mashed potatoes (suggest homemade, not instant)
 spice and seasons of your choice
1 casserole dish

brown and season the ground beef. drain the ground beef and spread in casserole dish.  drain corn and spread over beef. chop and dice onion and spread desired amount over corn. sprinkle about 1/3 of bag of cheese over corn.

Allergy Tragedy

As a parent we all worry about our children's safety. We worry and do all we can to help them grow up to be adults. It saddens me when I see or read a story about a teenager somewhere in our nation that is killed in some incident. I have faith in people and believe given the opportunity the limit to what they can achieve is tremendous. Yes I even believe that about the young inner city gangs. When I hear of some young gang member being shot in a drive by I may be one of the few that thinks it is tragic.

Stuck in Slow Lane of Information Highway

Am I the only one that sometimes feels lost on the Information Highway? Between the Internet, cable tv, and smart phones there is just such a huge volume of stuff.

I remember when I was a kid we had 3 broadcast channel and sometimes if weather conditions were right we got PBS and maybe TBS. Now on cable there are hundreds of channels. It seems if someone thinks of it they will create a channel for it. There is a puppy playing channel where you can watch puppies play 24 hours a day.  Next thing you know there will be a grass growing channel where you can watch grass grow 24 hours a day.

Lemons are great in lemonade not cars

Your car is a big investment. For most people it is their biggest investment except their house. People depend on their cars for many of their daily transportation needs.   We all hate feeling cheated. Unearned or not used cars salesman have gotten a bad reputation over the years. They are referred to as wheeler dealers and other not so nice terms. If a person looking for a used car runs into a dishonest dealer it is often too late before they realize it.  They find that they have been cheated out of hundreds of dollars and possibly worse.

The Long Highway

If a person was to travel from Jacksonville, Fl. to Los Angelos, Ca by automobile; they most likely would use Interstate 10. I-10 is the fourth longest highway in the United States behind I-90, I-80, and I40. It stretches just over 2460 miles passing through eight states. In Texas I-10 is 881 miles long and is the longest stretch of interstate highway in a single state. In western Texas it passes through some of the most barren land in the nation.

It got me to thinking about how important our automobiles are to us.

Texas Medal of Honor Winners

In keeping with the upcoming Memorial Day holiday we at Bigowl's Auto Rescue are honoring our veterans both past and present.  We will be putting up observance posts throughout the year, because we feel that our military veterans deserve it for their sacrifices. In this post I am going to discuss The Medal of Honor recipients from Texas. I will be including a list courtesy of Wikipedia. 

The Medal of Honor is our nation's highest award for valor. The men that earn it often perform such heroic acts in combat that they are rewarded it posthumously.