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Decision Has Been Made

We here at Bigowl's Auto Rescue the Dallas Ft. Worth area's premier mobile auto repair service have a proud announcement to make. We have chosen the two charity organizations forThe Bigowl's Thank You Campaign. The campaign will run from Memorial Day May 28, 2012 until Veterans Day November 11, 2012. They are Families for Effective Autism Treatment of North Texas(FEAT-NT) and Our Daily Bread.

Families for Effective Autism Treatment of North Texas otherwise known as FEAT-NT is located in Richland Hills, Tx.

Victory in Europe

Both of my grandfathers fought in World War II. May is the month that Germany surrendered. The war would drag on in the Pacific until September when Japan surrendered after the United States dropped the Atomic Bombs in August on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

My dad's father J.O. Johnston was known as "Paw Paw" and was the kindest most gentle man I have ever known. He was also an Infantryman in the 3rd Infantry Division and a hero. He was awarded several medals for valor. He fought in Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge and other actions.


There is a saying that if you want to start an argument then talk about religion or politics. These are both very personal subjects to many people. 

Well I am going to talk politics but hopefully no one will get angry with me. I was online reading news stories and one article really caught my attention and interest. The article was about a tiger in the Ukraine having four kittens; one of which is a rare albino. What got me to write this Blog-post on politics is who the tiger is. The tiger named "tygerulia" (when she was four months old) was given to Yulia Tymoshenko who was the Ukrainian Prime minister until 2010.

True Texas Chili Champ's Recipe

In an earlier post I explained how when I think chili I think of Texas. Ohio is way down on the list of places I would go for a good bowl of chili.

Every year in Terlingua Texas they hold the ultimate chili cook-off. It happens in early November. Last November's winner was from Robinson, Tx. just south of Waco, Tx; which last time I checked was nowhere near Cincinnati, Oh. 

The winner was Larry Walton from Robinson, Texas. We are extremely proud of Him and thank him for this recipe.

Great Job Guys

Being in the service industry communications is very important to us here at Bigowl's Auto Rescue. We are the premier mobile auto repair service in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex and plan to stay the best. We use our phone, website, newsletter, and BLOG to inform and stay in touch with our great customers. These tools enable us to get to your location on your time schedule to provide the auto repairs you need. 
We will always work to communicate with the most important people to our business; our customers.

Crazy About Snakes

There have been several news stories about the increase of snakebites throughout the southern states. In Atlanta, Ga. there have been several children bitten by Copperhead snakes. Scientist are theorizing that the mild winter and current optimal conditions will most likely lead to record numbers of snakes throughout the southern states. We here in Texas know what that meansRattlesnakes!!!!

On the Animal Planet channel there is a show called "Rattlesnake Republic". Out of curiosity I decided to watch it.

Ranger Slugger Joins the Elite

Texas Ranger Slugger Josh Hamilton became only the 16th player in Major League baseball to hit 4 home runs in a single game. He hit the home runs during the May 8, 2012 game at Baltimore which the Rangers won 10-3.

He joins such legendary greats as Lou Gehrig and Willie Mays in this accomplishment. He is the only active player to accomplish this. Josh is leading the American League with 14 home runs and 36 RBIs his batting average is .406. 

The Texas Rangers are 4 games up in the AL West and currently have the best record in the Majors at 20-10.

Support the Boosters

We here at Bigowl's Auto Rescue are proud to be part of the Community. When you are part of a community you help your neighbor as much as you can. Then when you need help your neighbor is there to help you. There is a saying:"United we stand divided we fall".That is certainly true in hard times and in good. 

We at Bigowl's are  supporting theLittle Elm Lobo Band Boostersin their coupon drive. Their organization is selling a coupon book full of valuable discounts from local area restaurants and other businesses.

The Voice announces winner

The Voice winner is Jermaine!!! It was a great competition and all of the finalist were deserving of being there. Who was your favorite??

Newsletter Submissions

We are trying to make our new Bigowl's Newsletter fun and informative. We want you all to send us stuff. We will take poetry, community news, funny stuff and any thing you think might be interesting. If we use it we will put your name on it to let everyone know. 

It is easy just send it in an email to our media department at tonyljohnston@bigowlsautorescue.net . We look forward to hearing from you.

Have people from Ohio lost their Minds??

I am totally flabbergasted. I did not see many people in straight-jackets but the people in Cincinnati, Ohio have lost their minds. They are proclaiming themselves the Chili Capital. Are we as Texans going to take that?? 

A Texan Cowboy can make better chili with a campfire, iron skillet and the fixins. We do not need fancy city folk from up north claiming they have they BEST CHILI. Give us your feedback. Who in the Dallas Ft. Worth area has the best chili?? Maybe we need to throw down a challenge to Cincinnati and teach them who has the best chili.  Let us show our Texas Pride!!

Bigowl's Big Plans

Everyone knows that the economy has been slow lately. There are many companies struggling to survive. Economist are now saying that things are getting better and we at Bigowl's Auto Rescue agree. Texas' economy is growing stronger than the rest of the country. We as Texans have a stick-to-it attitude. We do not give up easy and we take care of our own. Our history has such events as The Alamo and The Texas Rangers Battles against Border Outlaws as examples of perseverance. They are both instances where out numbered and with little hope we Texans got the job done.

Are you a Fan??

I personally cannot carry a tune in a bucket; but I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. I was pleasantly surprised by the television show"The Voice" .The coaches actually give good advise to the contestants and help them career-wise. Well it is Monday night and the final 4 contestants are performing then America votes by text or Facebook. Tomorrow they will announce the winner. Let us here at Bigowl's Auto Rescue know who you think should win. If you watched the whole show was there another contestant you think should have been the winner?

Lesson of the Lion and the Mouse

There once was a well fed Lion laying in the shade. He noticed a Mouse eating grain and out of habit pounced and caught the Mouse. The Mouse begged the Lion to let him go and he would owe the Lion a favor, so the Lion being well fed let the Mouse go. Several months later the Lion was walking along; when suddenly he sprung a trap that dropped a net on the Lion. The more the Lion struggled the more wrapped in the net he became. Finally exhausted the Lion lay still. Shortly after that the Lion felt something crawl onto him.

Team Pride

   We all are lucky to live here in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex. It is on of the few metro areas that can claim a professional sports team in 5 sports. They are as follows:

  The Dallas Cowboys  Five time Superbowl champions. They are In the NFC and always exciting to watch. They are a team to be proud of. Can they make it number Six??

  The Texas Rangers  They won the American League Championship in  2010 and 2011 falling short of winning the World Series.