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Stuck in Slow Lane of Information Highway

Am I the only one that sometimes feels lost on the Information Highway? Between the Internet, cable tv, and smart phones there is just such a huge volume of stuff.

I remember when I was a kid we had 3 broadcast channel and sometimes if weather conditions were right we got PBS and maybe TBS. Now on cable there are hundreds of channels. It seems if someone thinks of it they will create a channel for it. There is a puppy playing channel where you can watch puppies play 24 hours a day.  Next thing you know there will be a grass growing channel where you can watch grass grow 24 hours a day. If they come up with that I expect my intellectual royalties checks on regular basis. Now a days it seems everyone is getting famous. We used to look up to celebrities like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Alan Alda, and Charles Bronson. There are still great actors and actresses, but we also have CELEBRITIES like The Housewives of Wherever, The Kardashian Clan, and Snooki just to name a few. It seems their only claim to fame is crude vulgar behavior or 5 second marriages. Stars used to be famous for their talent not how outrageously they behaved. I think that some of this is a result of "reality tv" .

Next thought is on smart phones. 99.99% of smart phone have digital camera/video capabilities. If a person does something stupid or embarrassing before they can say "aw shucks" it is on the Internet and going viral. Some good may come of this phenomenon when the video becomes a witness. The incident I am talking about is the "small bully gets beat down" video. The small kid was constantly picking on and hitting a bigger kid. The bigger kid  and his parents had told the school which did nothing. The bigger kid was caught in an non-winnable situation because if he hit the smaller kid he would be blamed. The smaller kid kept harassing and hitting the bigger kid until finally he snapped. He grabbed the smaller kid and body slammed him in self-defense. The school acted and punished the big kid. Meanwhile someone had videoed it on their phone and put it on the Internet. The big kid's parents got the video and took it to a lawyer. The school backed down and gave both boys detention. If not for the video the bigger kid would have been suspended or worse. 

Lastly let's talk about the Internet. It is so fast and vast. It is so easy to get info overload. I start looking for information on Texas and next thing I know I am reading about Civil War Ironclads.  I have followed about 5-8 links and read other articles which I find fascinating, but I have just "wasted" 2-3 hours according to my wife. I forgot all about cutting the grass (remember the grass growing channel), watering the tomatoes, and other items on the honeydoo list. I have been chugging along in the slow lane of the information highway lollygagging the time away. Well it is time to get off the information highway and get to work on the honeydoo list before I wind up spending the night in the Doghouse Hotel. 

Let me know about your information highway journeys and see you in cyberspace.

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